How did you meet Hugh and get him to kiss you?!
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sorry, i’ve been out and i didn’t realise i had so much mail!

i went to see him at pastoral, the play he had on at the soho, and afterwards we went don to the bar cos my aunt needed to use the loo, and he just came down the stairs? it was the last day and he went over to an older couple rwho i assume were his parents and gave them a hug and started chatting with them. he was like, two feet away??

i didn’t want to interrupt but my aunts were all like GWAN THEN so i very apologetically tapped him on the arm and asked for an autograph and he was so lovely and polite and asked me how i heard about the play and i totally embarrassed myself and went I HEARD YOU WERE IN IT ACTUALLY ohgodi’mnotacreepyfan and he was like OH?? THE LES MIS THING?? and i was like yeah

and then my aunt trotted up to us and was like I DON’T WANT TO EMBARRASS HER FURTHER BUT CAN I GET A PICTURE then tried like five times to get a photo before i eventually took a selfie (which i will put up in a bit?? even tho my face??) and i was like I REALLY LOVED THE PLAY YOU WERE AMAZING EVERYONE WAS AMAZING (it was amazing i was being genuine i think it’s one of my favourites so far) and he was like THANKS THE OTHERS ARE IN A FEW MORE THINGS YOU SHOULD GO SEE and rattled them off (i don’t know why i’m doing all the dialogue in caps) and i was like oh i’ll try but i don’t live in london so it might be another time!! and he went oh! where did you come from then! so i said bristol, i thought i’d come down for the weekend and visit my family and stuff and i should let you go now thanks so much!!


and then he hugged me

and kissed me on the cheek

and it was amazing. THE END.

  1. sashaatthebarricade said: SO LUCKY! That sounds so wonderful! Aw, Hugh! Congratulations! :)
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