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  • feministsupernatural:


    what if instead of a same gender detective partnership who keep getting mistaken for a romantic couple, you had a same gender romantic couple who keep getting mistaken for detectives
    ‘hello, I’m sam darling, and this is my partner gregory hitch’ ‘AH YES THE PRIVATE DETECTIVES’ ‘what??? no we just came for some ice cream why is there police tape everywhere’

    They start solving crimes anyhow. And it turns out they have a knack for it.

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  • #me rn  
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  • lady-fett:

    please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

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  • You find yourself in a group of people standing next to a cliff.

    Suddenly, someone pushes another person, sending them over the edge. Thankfully, the victim is able to hold on to the edge rather than fall to their death, but nobody makes a move to help them or stop the perpetrator. Everyone, including yourself, simply stands there watching.

    Angry that they’ve been pushed, angry that nobody is helping them as they struggle not to fall, the victim screams, ‘Is anybody going to fucking help me??’

    That gets everyone’s attention. ‘Why are you mad at me?’ one person asks. ‘I didn’t push you.’

    'Nobody is going to want to help you with an attitude like that.'

    'You're just as bad as him.'

    Nobody makes a move to help.

    The victim screams in frustration, their fingers slipping. ‘You’ve got to be fucking joking!’ they shout as they lose their grip.

    'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.' You say as you walk away.

    Welcome to the anti-sj/’real justice’ movement.

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  • importantbirds:

Um EXCUSE! Many beverage too large for birb?? Would like flavor milk in thimble, maybe not big cup.


    Um EXCUSE! Many beverage too large for birb?? Would like flavor milk in thimble, maybe not big cup.

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  • shinykaito:

    Okay but Never Gonna Give You Up (better known as Rickroll) is actually a really really horrible song for many reasons, which I will better explain under the cut. 

    Brace yourselves, this is pretty long.

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  • vayena:

    the way the media treats mentally-ill celebrities based on their gender is ridiculous and flagrant and disgusting. like ok amanda bynes and lindsay lohan and britney spears are all hilarious trainwrecks or whatever but charlie sheen gets to be ‘cool’ and crack jokes and gets a new sitcom (despite the fact that he’s been outwardly violent to numerous people) like bye it’s so transparent